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The NASDAQ: RCEL stocks at are availed for the interest investors. Nasdaq is a platform that allows many companies to sell their stocks and many investors to buy these stocks. It is a premier stock exchange that is situated in New York City in the United States of America. The stock exchange is owned by the NASDAQ Group. This stock exchange was created in 1971.

NASDAQ stands for the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations. The current CEO of this stock exchange is Robert Greifeld and this stock exchange is considered to be the largest and most successful stock exchange in the United States. This stock exchange operated by using an electronic display screen. This stock exchange also stands Number Four in the market capitalization in the world. The stock exchange has almost 3800 listings. It can be very important for the investors as well as the shareholders to understand the advantages and the importance of NASDAQ.

Three market tiers of NASDAQ 

The three main market tiers of NASDAQ are as follows-

Capital market

The capital market is the equity market. This market is basically for those companies that have a relatively smaller market capitalization. Under this tier, the listing requirements are not usually as stringent when you compare it to the other NASDAQ markets which are dealing with listings that have larger companies and high market capitalization.

Global market

This tier consists of the stocks and shares from the companies that have a middle level of market capitalization. This market currently consists of around 1,450 stocks. Every stock has to meet the requirements based on the stringent liquidity, financial liquidity that is set by NASDAQ. They also have to follow a corporate governance standard.

Global select market

This tier is for large-capitalization companies. The stocks that are included in this particular tier represents the international Select Market Composite. There are approximately 1,200 stocks included in this market and they have to meet the strict and important requirements when it comes to liquidity, finance, corporate governance standards. This is considered to be the most exclusive stock market.

Latest stock news

You can sign up for the NASDAQ: RCELstock news and get the latest stick exchange and market analysis, stock-related information, and quotes. You can also have an in-depth knowledge of the data reports and have a general overview of the stock market. This market and stock information will help the investors make the right decisions about their investments via stock apps. You will be able to keep up with the regular changes in stock prices and how they can affect your business in stocks. Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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