Signs You May Need Your Water Heater Repaired

For many people, taking a shower in the morning is their first method of waking up for the day. The hot water can ease their muscles from sleep and wake up their mind. The steam can open up their sinuses and make them more alert. Because this is a staple in their morning procedure, when something goes wrong, it can ruin the entire following day. Perhaps one of the worst ways to wake up is to slip into the shower and expect it to be nice and toasty only to find yourself stepping into a waterfall of chilly water. You’ll definitely be awake after that–just not pleasantly so. 

Instead of just waiting for the inevitable water heater to break, you may want to read up on the indications that your water heater is starting to break down and malfunction. Noticing the signs quickly could save you some money when looking for a water heater repair las vegas nv. Here are a few signs that your water heater may be in need of some repair in the near future. 

Fluctuating Water Temperatures 

While you may not notice that your temperature is fluctuating too much when you’re using hot water in the sink, you’ll likely notice it when you shower or bathe. It’s pretty clear that if your water suddenly runs cold that something is wrong with your water heater. However, that typically happens after the heater has stopped working. An indicator beforehand is when the water temperature fluctuates. It may be marginally, it may be severe, but regardless, if you notice that a hot shower suddenly became lukewarm, and then hot again, it could be an indication that your water heater is starting to run itself ragged and needs a bit of help. 

Reduced Water Pressure 

Another indication that your water heater may need a repair soon is if the water pressure in your sink and shower aren’t quite up to par. It may fluctuate, like the temperature, or it may lose its pressure entirely. There could be a few reasons for this to occur. One, it may very well be that mineral deposits have clogged up the pipes. This makes water have a difficult time flowing through the pipes. Since that can put a lot of pressure on the pipes, resulting in an eventual burst, it’s best to have those deposits cleaned out regularly. The problem may also arise from a problem in the design of the pipes. Or, your water heater may be close to breaking. 

Metallic Water Smell Or Taste 

One last indication that your water heater might need some help is if you notice that the water smells odd or metallically or if it tastes odd. This could be a sign of corrosion. If you notice the smell regardless of if cold or hot water is being used, then it could be the pipes. Only in hot water means the heater’s dying.

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