3 Signs It’s Time to Hire an Interior Designer

Living in an aesthetically pleasing space isn’t just nice. It’s psychologically necessary. And it’s not a new concept. The art of feng shui, for instance, has been around for thousands of years. Its concept is to positively affect our well-being by properly choosing and placing design elements. Most of us want a home that reflects our style, is pleasant to look at, and makes us feel peaceful just being there. But even people who are able to tackle this challenge pretty well on their own still end up feeling like something’s missing. They’re able to make things look nice, but they want something more from the space. They’re looking for something in their interiors, but aren’t even sure what it is. And that’s where a professional comes in. Here are three signs it’s time to hire an interior designer for your home.

Your bedroom doubles as a storage room

We’re all guilty of piling unfolded laundry in the bedroom. And of stacking those charity boxes in there that we just don’t have time to drop off. Eventually, it becomes the catchall room for things we need to put away or get rid of. Not only is this clutter ugly to look at, it can also be costing you sleep.

The reason we do this is usually because we focus on decorating and organizing the main living spaces — the spaces visitors will see. But it is so important to feel good about every room in our home, especially the ones where we relax. Karin Ross Designs can help you turn your bedroom into an oasis that you can’t wait to retreat to. They can help you choose the right color scheme, accessories, wall colors, and decor that blends with your own style and tastes.

Your preteen’s room still looks like a nursery

Preteens need their own space. And they certainly have their own ideas of what they like. But often, we overlook these rooms. You may have been excited to decorate their nursery, but over the years, it just kind of evolved into an eclectic collection of carnival prizes and posters. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with these things. They need to keep things around them they like. But creating a beautiful space for them to enjoy that includes some of their favorite things is more ideal. They’ll be more likely to keep their rooms clean. And they’ll be proud to invite friends over to hang out.

You can’t keep the playroom clean

Playrooms can pose big problems. You specifically create these rooms to contain your kids’ messes and give them a space to play freely. But what if they look more like junk piles than centers for creativity and fun? If the playroom doesn’t have a fluid layout and organization system, it’s really nothing more than another storage space. Sure, they can climb over messes and play. And they probably don’t even care about the mess. But it’s probably not a safe environment. And it’s certainly probably not a room you’d want to gather a playgroup.

An interior designer like Karin from Karin Ross Designs can help you design a space that is both creative and organized. She can help you dream up organization stations, fun play stations, and comfortable seating. She’ll help you design a room that fosters creativity for the kids and safety for them and little guests.

Even the most creative people often need a little help with their interior spaces. And interior designers like Karin Ross have spent their careers learning what makes a house a home. She understands texture, scale, color, and space in a way most of us don’t. Whether you have neglected your decor or just need a little help bringing it together, don’t miss the signs that it’s time to hire a designer.

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