Different types of technologies that are being used in air purifier nowadays

Before knowing about which kind of purifier you want to buy you should be aware of the dynamics of air purifiers. Air purifiers are the tools which are nowadays being commonly used in the developed countries for the purification of air. It helps us to eliminate the various air pollutant from our indoor air. As the study shows that indoor air is 5 to 10 percent more polluted than the outdoor air and 80 percent of our lifetime we spend indoor, so Air purifier is the need of time.

There is various air pollutant against which the air purifiers work. It will help you eliminate various pollutant from your air like dust, allergens, smoke, mites and pollutant gases.  Air pollution is the best invention for an asthma patient. This is great because with the increasing rate of indoor air pollution asthma patients face many difficulties and also get other allergies.

There are two types of technologies that are being used in today’s air purifiers, and both of the technologies come in handy in different atmospheres.

1.    Passive technology

This is a type of technology which sucks the air into the machine and then pass it through the filters, these kinds of purifies are great when it comes to dealing with the contaminant components, microorganisms, allergens or dust particles. There are some types of passive filters which will are mentioned


These are generic filters and helps to purify solid particles from the air.

Active carbon filters

These are helpful when you are trying to get rid of chemical components from our house air.

UV filters

These are one of the best filters to kill bacteria or microorganism from your air, also known as living air purifier.

2.    Active technology

Active technology is an innovation, wherein air is decontaminated outside the cleaning unit by creating some sort of impact noticeable all around. Dynamic air purifiers are of two sorts. They are:

 Ionizer purifiers

These produce particles, which connect to particles and take out substance mixes, dust particles and so forth from air

 Ozone generators

They change atoms of oxygen and transform them into ozone; accordingly, destroy small scale living beings and expel smells and gases from the air

This is a blend of both active and passive advancements and the purifiers with this innovation are more productive than purifiers with every one of the individual advances. Both of these technologies are great in their own terms. You can buy either one of them but always know what kind of air pollution you are dealing with. Both of these technologies also have a different price range. The Passive technology is more of an old school and comes with the cheaper price like almost 50 to 100 dollars, but on the other hand, an active purifier will cause you more than 500 dollars. This is a huge difference in cash for a little bit change of quality, but in the end, it all depends on the buyer that what price and he/ she has.

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