How Well Servic Aircon Company  Help You in Aircon Maintenance

When your air conditioning equipment is unable to provide a comfortable environment for living or working in Singapore, you will definitely encounter some problems. In this case, it is best to call a reliable air conditioning service provider to maintain your air conditioner instead of doing it yourself. Hiring professional air conditioning repair services can provide various types of benefits, including expert knowledge and experience.

Well-known air conditioning service providers which is like Mastercool can help with air conditioning repairs in the following ways:

24hours aircon service: If you hire a well-known and reliable service provider, you can get air-conditioning repair service around the clock. They will make sure your air conditioner is working every time. They will check your air conditioning once or twice a year so that you can enjoy your discounts throughout the year in any weather conditions.

Make sure your equipment is working properly: You can ensure the air conditioning is in good condition by regularly hiring reliable air conditioning repair services. They can help you maintain your air conditioning unit based on their knowledge and experience. Unless you have some practical experience in this area, you may not be able to do it yourself. If you are unable to maintain the air conditioner yourself, you may increase the risk of major failures, which can cost you a lot.

Cleaning the filter: The service provider you hire for air conditioning maintenance will clean the dirty and clogged filter as it will affect the overall operation of the device and increase energy consumption. Clean or replace the air conditioning filter with the help of your service provider at least twice a year to ensure it is working properly.

Your service provider will remove the filter from the air conditioner indoor unit for cleaning. He will open the front grille of his indoor unit, remove two small grids, and filter the air entering the room. They protect you from allergens and dust particles in the air. These allergens and dust particles can be filtered. Therefore, the air conditioner filter can be clogged with dirt and dust and other airborne impurities, which makes it necessary. Clean them regularly and often. He can also flip the sides of the filter to make them easier to clean. Otherwise, they can remove the panels from the front grille of the air conditioner and clean them with a brush or vacuum. However, you should be careful when removing them from the frame, as the dust and dirt on them should not be removed from your home.

Increased efficiency: If air conditioning equipment is not properly maintained, annual efficiency will be reduced by 5%. Your air conditioning repair service provider will periodically adjust your equipment to consistently maintain its efficiency levels. It can help your air conditioner maintain the temperature in your office or home according to your requirements.

To increase the efficiency of your air conditioning, your air conditioning service provider will clean the condenser coils and the fan coils of the indoor unit.

Cleaning the condenser coil

When cleaning the air conditioning condenser, your service provider will first turn off your air conditioning unit. This is a precaution to avoid any problems when the air conditioning outdoor unit cleans its condenser coils. He will ensure that no current flows through the outdoor unit during work. Then, he can remove the condenser coil of the air conditioner by simply using a screwdriver or other similar tool to remove the outer casing of the device. If they block the positioning of the condenser coil, he can also remove some of the other components.

He will use a hard brush to remove loose dirt or dust layers before removing dirt from the condenser coil. After removing the thick agglomerated dirt, he will clean the condenser coil with a suitable cleaning solution and after 10-15 minutes he will spray water on it to rinse thoroughly. When cleaning the condenser coil, if any of the coils are damaged or bent, the service provider will also check the heat sink of the coil. He will use finned combs to straighten the fins to increase the efficiency of the condenser unit.

Clean the fan coil of the indoor unit

The fan coil of the air conditioner indoor unit helps to blow cold air in the installed room. Therefore, it should be cleaned to ensure that there is a proper flow of cold air in the room to keep its temperature at the desired level. However, to clean the fan coil, the service provider must use a screwdriver (such as a tool) to remove the chassis of the indoor unit.

Once he is exposed to the fan coil, the fan coil can be cleaned by spraying a suitable cleaner. After placing the cleaning solution for a few minutes, rinse with warm water. Unless all the solution is removed from the coil, he will spray water on the coil. But you can check if there is too much water for this purpose. After thoroughly flushing the fan coil, leave it to a certain extent before installing the fan coil back into the air conditioner indoor unit chassis for a while.

Currency value: By regularly maintaining the condition of your air conditioner, your air conditioning service provider will help you get the amount you spend on the cooling system. Therefore, it is very important to find a reliable air conditioning service provider in Singapore to regularly maintain your air conditioning system.

Therefore, Singapore’s air conditioning repair service providers can help you improve the performance of air conditioning units. Maintenance by a professional service provider is necessary to provide the best possible maintenance for your air conditioner while increasing its efficiency and service life to a considerable level.

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