Staging A Home Is Easy, If You Know How

If you are looking to sell your home, you would have come across the phrase ‘staging your home’ quite often. Staging a home actually means making your home look attractive for the prospective buyer. If you think it is difficult to stage a home you are wrong, it is quite easy but you should know how to do it.

The main point to note while staging a home is to think like a buyer. Just imagine how you will like the house you want to buy to be and then look around your home and notice if it matches your thinking. Usually it will, since it is your home but you need to think like a buyer and you need to make a few changes such as:

  • The curb is very important. In fact, in common parlance it is known as curb appeal and your curb should appeal to the would be buyer. To make your curb attractive place potted plants, if there is a lawn, keep it clean, rake the leaves and mow the grass. Some people store things in their lawn, you should in fact remove them and move them to storage units Pompano Beach and you can retrieve them when the sale is done.
  • The exterior walls need to be cleaned and if it requires a coat or a few coats of paint you should ensure that it is done. A dirty exterior is a put off, even if you make a sale the buyer would haggle with you over the price citing a dirty exterior, so do not give the buyer an opportunity to crib.
  • The living room should not be cluttered, if you have a fine living room and if you have a lot of furniture in it, it will look cluttered and the buyer may also feel that there is less space in the house. Ideally you should keep the excess furniture in a storage unit and keep only minimal furniture in your living room. This will help the buyer to imagine living there and this will surely help. Also keep the windows and window drapes It is a known fact that natural light makes a room look bigger and spacious and fresh air is often a mood enhancer.
  • The kitchen and the bathrooms are the rooms that a prospective buyer always tries to find fault with and usually it is about a broken tile or a dripping faucet. These are small repairs and you can do it cheap but if you do not do it your buyer will be speaking about it as if it is a big repair and ask you to get your price down. Similarly ensure that all the appliances in the kitchen are in working condition.




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