A Few Lighting and Heating Considerations For Your Kitchen

Installing the right heating and lighting in your kitchen in northampton is crucial – why, you ask?

Well, the kitchen is known as the central hub of the house, since its buzzing with people from the start of the day until everyone retires to bed. Hence, having good lighting and heatings is essential for comfortably getting your daily tasks done, while also creating a perfect atmosphere for socialising.

Artificial lighting options to consider:

A kitchen usually needs three types of lighting:

  • Task lighting
  • Ambient lighting
  • Accent lighting

1: Task Lighting

This type of lighting is used to focus on specific areas so as to provide targeted illumination for carrying out set jobs. While planning this lighting, imagine yourself in the kitchen and segregate the space into individual task areas. For instance, kitchen cabinets, drawers or work surfaces for preparing food or decorating birthday cakes.

2: Ambient Lighting

This type of lighting is all about creating warm and welcoming atmosphere to any given room. An amazing way of achieving this is with the help of strip lighting, and use this above the kitchen units and low levels at the top of the plinth. You can also use it underneath the work surfaces if you have a kitchen island.

3: Accent Lighting

Accent lightings are usually used for aesthetic purposes, where you need to show off your beautiful architecture features within your kitchen. While this type of lighting can be used to draw attention to some specific furniture or accessories, you can also apply accent lighting in the steps that lead out of the kitchen (if you want to).

Artificial Lighting vs Natural Daylight

Artificial lighting is however not the only option available, but wherever possible, it is always best to maximise natural daylight so as to save money in the long run. Moreover, you can also take advantage of the many health benefits that it provides.

For this purpose, you can invest in some glazing or bi-fold doors that open up to the garden. Many full-height glazing allows plenty of sunlight in, as well as offer beautiful views of your outdoors. Another popular alternative includes roof lights, especially perfect for rooms where side glazing may not be practically possible otherwise.

On the other hand, clerestory windows are high-level windows that could be good option for solving issues such as overlooking, while both the given options are amazing to free up space within a gallery kitchen.

If you do not plan to go through the trouble of remodelling your kitchen windows, then ensure that you consider how your kitchen design may affects the light entering in through the window. Having multiple wall units surrounding your window will definitely stop the natural light from entering your kitchen.

Heating Options to Consider

There multiple heating options that one can consider from. It helps you to keep your space comfortable and cosy as well as effectively contribute to your design.

Here are two most common heating options to consider from:

1: Radiator and Plinth Heater Options

Radiators are one of the most common ways to heat a room, and today they are available in different shapes, sizes and colours. Moreover, these customisations allows you to fit them in any room if necessary.

Every kitchen wall is very valuable, so we suggest that you carefully consider your option, as they can make a huge difference on your kitchen design. For instance, vertical radiators work amazing with both aesthetic and modern kitchen designs. Additionally, consider areas that are likely to remain stationary for long time, as this is where you are more likely to feel cold.

2: Underfloor Heating Options

Installing an underfloor heating system is the best option for any kitchen. Moreover, there are typically two options one can choose from: wet runs from a central heating and can be more labour intensive and expensive to install, and another is the dry system in the form of an electric mat (more like a heat bed) which is laid on the subfloor before flooring is fitting on the top.

If this option is appealing to you, make sure that you are planning your heating efficiently by mapping out the exact kitchen layout ahead of time. This will help you make sure that the underfloor heating is run where it is needed. Main reason behind this is that you might want to avoid areas near key appliances as it could reduce their efficiency.

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